North Star

Racing eyes dart back and forth
Searching for what may be true north
Find a safe place to land
And it slowly turns to quicksand
Lying here in a canyon of sheets
You never know who you might meet
Strolling through all the heat and dust
Gotta make it before it turns to rust
You seem to be a friendly sort
Holding hands is a last resort
No one knows how the game is played
One more show and you’ve got it made
Silence now breaking through my brain
Stop the dance now before it rains
You’ll be okay cause you’ve found a place
Where no one knows when you’ll play the ace
I look around for a certain place
It may be seen upon my face
The night is quietly showing
The desired place to be going
Walking down an overgrown path
Is sure to incur grown wrath
Look instead to familiar ways
And pray that it’s here to stay

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