Sweetly Venomous

The bullet sinks into unsuspecting flesh
A dangerous, poisonous projectile
The person who pulls the trigger
Sees no intent of evil
They sniff the air for depravity
If none is detected, then comes the magnifying glass
Even if nothing is found
A strike will come like a snake in the grass
The venom is barely hidden
Masked by good deeds and a list of “don’t”s
Information is sought with good pretense
While loathsome self-gratification is sewn
Do you feel the pain caused in others?
Do you see the tears you’ve caused?
The guilt you’ve woven into the mind
Has caused many lives to be paused
Do you honestly think you’re helping?
Will your methods cause change?
Adjustments aren’t always needed
Simply because you think something’s strange
I will choose to bask in love
And refuse the message of hate
Please turn from the bitterness
Before it is too late

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